lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011


Love this style! The masculine and femenine are mixed together and wearing the same details get different. This style mixing is so me. Even the short hair.
Me encanto este estilo! Lo masculino y femenino están mezclados y usando los mismo detalles se marcan diferencias. Esta mezcla es tan yo. Hasta el pelo corto.

 music, black and white, stars, strass. The acceosires are important for a final touch.
Música, blanco y negro, estrellas, brillos. Los accesorios son importantes para el toque final.

 White top+suspenders=the winning combo! Simple to get for the mannish look.
Top blanco+tirantes=combinación ganadora! Fácil para conseguir el look masculino.

 Strars, floatty dresses, chiffon, sheer. The movement of feminity.
Estrellas, vestidos flotantes, chifón, transparencias. El movimiento de la feminidad.

Sequins, glitter, patent leather, lace-ups, clutches, printed shoes. Wear any time accessories.
Lentejuelas, brillos, charol, bolsas de sobre, zapatos estampados y con agujetas. Accesorios para usar en cualquier momento.

All photos from Dolce&Gabbana autum 2011 collection. Styled by Yuri Ahn for

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Glen Gould

Ok, Glen Gould is my new obsession... well he already was but now I've taken it again. I cannot undesteand how comeone would not love Bach after hearing this man, but the truth is if I had heard him when I was a little kid I would be a pianist nowadays... but that didn't happen nad now I design and illustrate inspired in people like him. Just love him. His madness. His obsessions. His singing. His art. His piano.

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Pink Blush

 Min Hyo Rin at Vogue Girl Korea

Les prensetno a mi nuevo mejor amigo: el subor rosa. Es el perfecto toque final de algodón de azúcar en el maquillaje, especialmente para alguien como yo que básicamente sólo usa rimel, gloss y (ahora) rubor rosa chicle.

I introduce to you my new best friend: the pink blush. It's the perfect cotton candy finish for make up, especially for someone like me who basically wears nothing but mascara, gloss and (now) bubblegum pink blush.
 Valentino: the last Emperor documentary.                    Miss Dior Cherie still.

 Debbie Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain

 Park Shin Hye at Vogue Girl.

 Dita von Tesse
Sistar "Shady Girl" single cover.

T-ara at Vogue Girl.

Zooey Deschanel in Erin Featherson dress.